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About Yeful (Guangzhou) Bio-Tech Co., Ltd

Yeful (Guangzhou) Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the research, development, design, and import/export of cosmetics ODM/OEM. Our manufacturing factory was established in 2014 and has gained a certain level of recognition in the domestic skincare industry. We specialize in providing private label manufacturing services to numerous well-known domestic enterprises, such as Huabei Pharmaceutical and Jiangxi Renhe Pharmaceutical, with whom we have established long-term cooperative relationships. We have obtained dual certifications, namely the GMPC cosmetics good manufacturing practices certification and ISO:22716 certification.

Our company boasts strong technical capabilities and a well-developed management system, supported by a state-of-the-art 100,000-level dust-free and sterile production workshop, as well as top-tier cosmetics production lines, ensuring a dependable guarantee for manufacturing high-quality products. Upholding the highest standards of quality control, creativity, and innovation, we have become a leading modern skincare and cosmetics production enterprise.

Factory Area Information

Our company operates within an independent factory building, occupying a total land area of 5,000 square meters. The factory consists of four floors, with each floor covering an area of 1,200 square meters.

Usage Breakdown

Production Workshop Area: The production workshop spans an area of 1,200 square meters. It is equipped with four production lines dedicated to our manufacturing processes.

Warehouse Area: The warehouse occupies a space of 3,000 square meters. This area is designated for storing our products and materials, ensuring efficient management of inventory.

We take pride in utilizing our well-structured factory space to facilitate smooth production operations and to accommodate our storage needs effectively.

Company Production Capacity

Creams and Lotions: Annual production capacity of 7 million bottles/tubes.

Serums and Liquid Products: One automated production line with an annual capacity of 4 million bottles.

Face Masks: Annual production capacity of 20 million sheets.

With these production capacities, we are well-prepared to meet the demands of our customers for various product categories, ensuring timely delivery and high-quality products.

Our Professional Team

We offer industry-leading, all-encompassing product solutions. Technical Team: Comprising 3 research and development engineers and 3 product managers, our technical team is dedicated to innovative research and development, aiming to create products that satisfy our customers. Production Team: Our production team includes 5 high-level management elites with 10 years of experience, over 10 staff members with 5 years or more of experience, and more than 20 quality assurance team members with 2 years or more of experience. In total, our frontline staff consists of around 70 individuals. The stability of our frontline workforce ensures the safeguarding of quality. With these dedicated teams in place, we are well-equipped to provide comprehensive and industry-leading solutions for our products.

Our  Professional Team
Our  Professional Team
Our  Professional Team
Our  Professional Team

Corporate Brand Partnerships

We have established long-term partnerships with companies such as Huabei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Renhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. These collaborations are built on mutual benefit and stability, as we provide high-quality OEM/ODM contract manufacturing services. These companies are valued and reliable partners in our journey of delivering exceptional products and services.